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Dear Hollywood,

I vaguely knew there was another Carrie remake going on, but it wasn't until I saw the trailer yesterday that I understood what is genuinely horrific about this version. Apparently this will be an almost carbon copy of Brian de Palma's version, but with a really cute actress in the lead. Cue my mounting rage.

No love or regards, in fact feel free to go fuck yourselves,
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Is a tragic hero that is not ultimately, finally, irrevocably undone by their tragic flaw still a tragic hero?
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In completely unsuprising news, I loved Rio.
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Alex Proyas is finding “Paradise Lost” for Legendary Pictures, signing to direct an adaptation of the epic 17th-century English poem by John Milton. … The project tells the story of the epic war in heaven between archangels Michael and Lucifer, and will be crafted as an action vehicle that will include aerial warfare, possibly shot in 3D.

Proyas’ credits include sci-fi disaster thriller “Knowing,” “I, Robot” and “The Crow.”

from Variety

Thankfully there is to help ease my pain:

Perich: What about taglines? How about:

JULY 2012


(smash-cut of Helena Bonham Carter draping her hands around Taylor Lautner’s chiselled abs)


(smash-cut of a crawling pit of CGI demons)


(smash-cut of Gerard Butler and Kiefer Sutherland leaping toward each other in slow-mo)

Did I mention the Photoshop contest?

So close

Sep. 9th, 2009 07:37 pm
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So I saw 9 in theater number 9 of the multiplex on 9-9-09.

Sadly it was the 10th movie I've seen in a theater this year.
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I have a few different posts burbling in my head, but I did want to say that I saw District 9 and it was AWESOME dripping with eau de Fabulous. I was expecting something more thriller-like shot through with threads of Social Commentary, but it was tragic and absurd all at the same time and really, really smart. It's not perfect, it has its weak points, but I was suitably impressed all the same.

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So I saw the Wolverine movie last night. No, trust me, you don't want to know.

I did however get quite jazzed at the Terminator: Salvation preview. There's a small part of me reminding me just how much this could suck, but mostly I'm going to try and maintain the excited anticipation, which is almost a reward in and of itself.

In honor of that, here is an post discussing the possible interpretations of the symbolism in the logo of the Resistance used in Terminator: Salvation. One of the things that made me go "Oooh!" was the mention of the Caduceus being used as a symbol of the messenger bringing the living into the land of the dead. might as well have been invented to make me happy.
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I highly recommend's piece this morning on the use of music in the soundtrack for Watchmen. Besides being an interesting look at this aspect of the movie it does a wonderful job of speaking to the use of music in movies and pop music being "one of the ways in we represent our own culture to ourselves". [link]

Also a feed: [ profile] overthink_feed
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Observations on a second viewing of The Dark Knight:

Spoilers are anarchy )
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Since Aaron Eckhart's star is on the rise again, I find myself hoping that Thursday will get a re-release on DVD. I do sometimes love that kind of absurd violence, plus it has Thomas Jane being mightily abused.

*sigh* Well, I keep hoping.
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I've been noodling over some things about Batman that are actually related more to Batman Begins than The Dark Knight.

For the most part I'm a big fan of reinventing classic stories. Shakespeare in outer space? Go for it. I actually think the US remake of Touching Evil was pretty good (though I'd almost gladly volunteer to sabotage the US remake of Life on Mars).

But I still have my touchy areas, and a big one is Batman. Don't get me wrong, like any long-lasting character I've seen different writers do all kinds of interesting things with Batman and I usually like the results. But you DO NOT MESS with Batman's backstory.

Cut for length - no spoilers for The Dark Knight )
ETA: Mild spoilers for TDK in the comments.
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I don't think much of anybody is READING this (yes, I know, I'm in a whiny place), but if you are, and if you want to, yes, let's talk about Rachel Dawes.

spoilers for The Dark Knight )
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Oh, Bruce. Oh my poor boy.

As many accolades as he will undoubtedly get, I doubt that Christopher Nolan will truly get the recognition he deserves for telling this story.

Oh my poor boy.
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I just found out there's a movie adaptation of In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead coming out with Tommy Lee Jones playing Dave Robicheaux and Peter Sarsgsard playing one of my favorite of James Lee Burke's screwed-up characters and just a metric buttload of good actors.

I like James Lee Burke's books quite a bit, largely because his characters are incredible; he especially does such a good job of portraying the kind of people who are damaged and often people you don't want to let too deeply into your own life but they aren't sum total bad people. He doesn't make it easy. And Electric Mist is such an excellent example of his work.

I'm not that familiar with the French director Bertand Tavernier, though I know his adaptation of Jim Thompson's Pop. 1280 is thought to be excellent (I haven't seen it yet, but I am a Thompson fan), and he seems to get high marks for most of his films. So overall I'm pretty optimistic.
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There's a really wonderful movie that's been unavailable for too long that's finally being re-released on DVD Tuesday. It's called When Night Is Falling [Amazon][Netflix] and it's heartbreakingly lovely. It's about a woman who's a professor at a conservative Christian college who realizes she's fallen in love with a traveling circus acrobat and it's subtle and complex and absolutely gorgeous as well. The funny thing is I'd swear I checked on this less than a month ago, but that's another reason I'm so fond of scanning Netflix's New Releases page every Sunday.
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So I watched Sunshine last night, and, eh, it was okay. I know several people whose opinions I respect really liked it, so I guess there was just something there that didn't reach me. But it wasn't fantastic enough to get Danny Boyle off of my shit list (I'm very angry about the end of 28 Days Later).

However, after watching it I checked out the DVD extras, and one of them was a commentary by the physicist who was the scientific advisor for the film. I listened to a few minutes of it, and it was kind of nifty. I didn't want to wait to return it to Netflix, so I didn't rewatch the entire movie, but I'd recommend giving it a listen. For one thing, I got to hear an almost plausible (I'm assuming - I left my astrophysics doctorate in my other jacket) theory on what could cause the sun to die in fifty years and why throwing a really big bomb at it would be a solution.


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