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For those of you that didn't know, on Tuesday evening (a.k.a. tomorrow) SyFy will be showing special holiday episodes of Eureka and Warehouse 13.


With shorter seasons being the norm for cable series I'd like to see more holiday episodes from shows that are off-cycle right now. Er, yes, I was thinking in particular of White Collar; perhaps something along the lines of an homage to Miracle on 34th Street.


OK, now I really want this. With an In Plain Sight holiday episode that's a play on How the Grinch Stole Christmas and a Covert Affairs holiday episode that involves smuggling holiday decorations and gifts into hostile territory, and a Leverage holiday episode - wait, we're getting a Leverage holiday episode!

OK, your turn now.
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So my plan was to come home, watch Human Target and then catch up with you guys a bit in the hour between Human Target and In Plain Sight. The problem with that is I got home from work ten minutes before In Plain Sight started. I really need to get a DVR.

On the other hand, In Plain Sight is back! Oh Mary, my Goddess of Cranky how I've missed you. *squishes Mary* Somehow she manages to be even more awesome than she was before.

Me go sleepy time now.
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Geez, I really haven't been around much lately - I need to get my priorities straight! This is especially true since I realized that my recent habit of staying off the computer on at least the first part of the weekend meant I forgot about [ profile] fandom_me's blog-a-thon! Woe! I hope y'all had fun and raised a lot of money.

Despite having access to it I never did get around to watching CoE until it aired on BBC America. I'm not going to talk about anything I didn't like about it just yet. I will say that Johnson (Liz May Brice) ended up being a character I could stand to see more of in one form or another.

Primeval is over and there will be no more. I'm afraid there was nothing in the last couple of episodes to elicit particularly strong feelings in me, but I did enjoy it while it was around.

I apparently am going to fall very hard for Being Human. Is this a surprise to anyone?

Warehouse 13 is cute fun, not quite as smart as Eureka but with a similar sensibility. I'm having a hard time remembering to catch the new episodes as they're on Tuesdays, a night I'd gotten used to avoiding That Channel like the plague because of the pro wrestling that Does Not Belong. Worse decision: pro wrestling or the name change? I've tried to decide but then my brain implodes from the extreme suckage involved.

Merlin continues to be so wonderfully happily slashy I can't stand it.

Also, last night's In Plain Sight? Oh Marshall, you poor baby.

How are you all doing, and what's pinging your fannish radar these days?

I'm baaack

May. 27th, 2009 06:00 am
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So first of all, I've pretty much been offline since Friday, so please forgive me for not knowing what you've been up to. I will try to catch up soon.

Secondly, I CAN HAZ A TV. In some respects it was ridiculously expensive (my dad said he paid as much for his fifty-ish inch model as I did for my 32"), but when I hook my laptop up to it? Totally worth the money.

Unsurprisingly I've spent the last few days watching a lot of TV. I got to catch the first two episodes of s3 Primeval Saturday and thanks to a mini-marathon on Sunday I think I'm mostly caught up with In Plain Sight. Wow does that show make me cry a lot. Then honestly the last two days have been mostly flotsam and jetsam, but that's OK. I've realized I don't have a lot of time to catch up with Burn Notice before the next season starts on June 4, eep. In some respects I'm just going to have to consider the last six months as Lost Time, but I'll catch up with the majority of it eventually.

Also? I get to watch Chica again!

So what have y'all been up to?
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Unexpected Vincent Ventresca on In Plain Sight! Sadly there wasn't much of an opportunity for him to interact with Paul Ben-Victor's character, but still!
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First of all, The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed! Yay!!! Now [ profile] fan_eunice can watch the episodes she's saved up and squee with me! Though it's not all squeeful, but we'll finally be able to talk about that too. Note: I hope that at some point I can see the phrase "squee with me" and not instantly associate it with Maureen (from Rent) asking people to "moo with me".

Reruns of Burn Notice and new episodes soon, yay. Michael Westen's life is such yummy dysfunctional crazysauce. USA Networks shows can really appreciate the 'fun' in 'dysfunctional' sometimes; I know I'm looking forward to In Plain Sight - "I love you like an eight dollar whore." *giggle*

What are looking forward to on the TV horizon?


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