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So with Neal McDonough on Justified Tuesday is now The Night of Neals. I approve.
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(I'm trying this crossposting thing; your patience is appreciated.)

You know what's not fun? Coming home to see a hot water heater and various related junk outside your apartment building and then going inside and realizing they haven't replaced the hot water heater yet.


I tried telling myself that there are people in Christchurch who would be glad for clean running water right now and at least I'm not worried about me or my loved ones being shot. But that didn't last for long because I'm shallow and the water is really freaking cold.

I do have a gym membership which would give me access to a hot shower, which would be just dandy if I drove. White Collar (and dinner) still trumps a hot shower. For now I'm settling for warming bits of water in the microwave for a quick wash.

Hopefully there will be a new hot water heater installed today. Hopefully. PLEASE.
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For those of you that didn't know, on Tuesday evening (a.k.a. tomorrow) SyFy will be showing special holiday episodes of Eureka and Warehouse 13.


With shorter seasons being the norm for cable series I'd like to see more holiday episodes from shows that are off-cycle right now. Er, yes, I was thinking in particular of White Collar; perhaps something along the lines of an homage to Miracle on 34th Street.


OK, now I really want this. With an In Plain Sight holiday episode that's a play on How the Grinch Stole Christmas and a Covert Affairs holiday episode that involves smuggling holiday decorations and gifts into hostile territory, and a Leverage holiday episode - wait, we're getting a Leverage holiday episode!

OK, your turn now.
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No no no no no no no.

January seems very far away.
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I happened to notice that this was going to be my 500th entry, which I realize is pretty small compared to a lot of people (especially after six and a half years), but I figured I should try and make it a little special. So, a round-up of what currently airing shows that I'm watching, not counting the shows on break with an exception or two.

Lie to Me - Oh God I am so grateful for the existence of Tim Roth. Occasionally the writing on this drops down to being a bit workmanlike, but even then it's worth watching Cal just being himself.
The Good Guys - I know this just went on break but I have to mention it. It's like this awesomely sloppy drunk version of Life on Mars with one of them being dragged forward through time kicking and screaming. I swear I want to bake Bradley Whitford a cake. Plus Colin Hanks really does not suck, and occasionally I even forget that OMG it's the spawn of Tom Hanks.
Rizzoli & Isles - Not great (and last night's episode contained massive fail I'll rant about elsewhere) but it's TWO FEMALE LEADS and they're not sharing with any male leads, and they talk to each other and sometimes it's not even about boys, though it usually is. Also, femslash ahoy!

You didn't think I wasn't going to cut any of this, did you? )
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Random thoughts while watching "Withdrawal"

Spoilers have no style )
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Because I don't like it when I make morose posts I needed to follow the last one with this:


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The contents of this post are more spoilery than bad foie gras )

I have to say that I think it's completely unfair that this has to go off the air at all, for even a little bit. This isn't like other shows. USA just doesn't love us enough, even if Jeff Eastin obviously loves us very much.
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Oh show. I could not love you any more if you were dipped in chocolate. From the first scene to the last you gave me moment after moment of PURE JOY.

*squishes show*
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The BEST possible casting news about White Collar: cut for avoiders )
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Dear White Collar producers,

Awww, thanks. I love you too.

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Also, "I love your alleged work." WIN.

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Still wonderful, nice to see a bit more of Elizabeth - I'm really liking her here. And OMG Peter totally fishing for a compliment from Neal there, so cuuuuuute. I do have one teensy complaint about something that's happened that's going to make be a bit sour about the show for a while:
cut for consideration )
Beyond that, still da bomb.
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Add me to the White Collar bandwagon. I thought I was going to enjoy it from the commercials and it did not disappoint.

Random things that I enjoyed: the look on Neal's face when Peter yells at him to get in the car. The way Tim DeKay said, "No dancing for you." The Pushkin reference and the reminders that FBI agents are usually well-educated. Neal's clothes and his affection for the Rat Pack. Diahann Carroll. The music, especially the way it worked in the last scene.

I'm so easy.


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