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I was going to start the Life spamming by pointing out this vid that really doesn't suck, "Patterns" by lithiumdoll:

cut for embedded video, obviously spoilers for s1 of Life but you should give it a shot anyway )

but then I watched another vid by lithiumdoll, a multifandom happyextravaganza using The Blues Brothers' "Everybody Needs Somebody (To Love)". I can not begin to describe the amount of happy contained in this vid.

cut because of the video, but you should REALLY WATCH THIS VID because it is MADE OF HAPPINESS )
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For the three people on my Friend's list who would care who haven't seen [ profile] fan_eunice's recommendation already: [ profile] sweetestdrain has done an awesome Donna vid, Don't Lose Yourself. Spoilers through the end of s4. Go and watch and tell her how awesome it is. [ profile] rustydog has written fics that have helped me grieve for some of the things that happened in the second series of Torchwood, but this vid helps me grieve for things that happened to Donna. Plus it shows how incredible Donna always was, with and without the Doctor.

Now I'm going to go watch it again.
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I am not a Mal/River shipper in the least, but I still love this vid more than a little bit. It's a nice Serenity/Firefly vid overall, and could be seen as a nice general vid about Mal and River, if that's the way one prefers to lean.
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OK, I've spent a good portion of the night mainlining due South vids, but you're not just getting this particular link because I really have to stop now and because I like "Dashboard" but because it's got some awesome editing: RayK vid at YouTube.


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