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The Sarah Connor Chronicles is back tonight! With Shirley Manson!

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First of all, The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed! Yay!!! Now [ profile] fan_eunice can watch the episodes she's saved up and squee with me! Though it's not all squeeful, but we'll finally be able to talk about that too. Note: I hope that at some point I can see the phrase "squee with me" and not instantly associate it with Maureen (from Rent) asking people to "moo with me".

Reruns of Burn Notice and new episodes soon, yay. Michael Westen's life is such yummy dysfunctional crazysauce. USA Networks shows can really appreciate the 'fun' in 'dysfunctional' sometimes; I know I'm looking forward to In Plain Sight - "I love you like an eight dollar whore." *giggle*

What are looking forward to on the TV horizon?
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So, they've wrapped up TSCC for now and I have, um, feelings about certain things, but the only person I know that's been watching it is [ profile] fan_eunice and she's been hoarding the last few episodes. Wah. Still, I want to write stuff down.

In which I ramble )
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I am immensely squeeful from what I've seen so far of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Lena Headey + shotgun = YAY! And I get to watch it again tonight!
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So I finally watched the most recent Die Hard sequel. I was happily losing myself in it, feeling my testosterone levels climb with only a minor WTF at the French henchmen (apparently so they could do free running stunts) and thinking that Timothy Olyphant actually figured out how to practice streamlining his head, when I realized the only reason McClane's daughter was in the movie was to be the damsel in distress. And it just really. Pissed. Me. Off.

I swear, sometimes I miss life before I noticed these kinds of things.

Then I started thinking that how cool would it have been if Justin Long's part had been rewritten to be played by a female actor. Because there actually would have been no rewriting required at all. At no point was a penis required for that role. Or for that matter, Bruce Willis's role.

Dammit. I love Die Hard. I'm grateful that I got a chance to see it on a big screen. Dammit.

All I can say is, Lena Headey better be well armed in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Very well armed.
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This is what I get for not paying attention: Lena Headey is playing Sarah Connor?! *dies* I've adored her ever since I saw Imagine Me & You.


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