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Honestly? I'm not sure I'm ready for more Torchwood. I'm not angry the way some people are, just sad. All those losses kind of broke me a little.
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Geez, I really haven't been around much lately - I need to get my priorities straight! This is especially true since I realized that my recent habit of staying off the computer on at least the first part of the weekend meant I forgot about [ profile] fandom_me's blog-a-thon! Woe! I hope y'all had fun and raised a lot of money.

Despite having access to it I never did get around to watching CoE until it aired on BBC America. I'm not going to talk about anything I didn't like about it just yet. I will say that Johnson (Liz May Brice) ended up being a character I could stand to see more of in one form or another.

Primeval is over and there will be no more. I'm afraid there was nothing in the last couple of episodes to elicit particularly strong feelings in me, but I did enjoy it while it was around.

I apparently am going to fall very hard for Being Human. Is this a surprise to anyone?

Warehouse 13 is cute fun, not quite as smart as Eureka but with a similar sensibility. I'm having a hard time remembering to catch the new episodes as they're on Tuesdays, a night I'd gotten used to avoiding That Channel like the plague because of the pro wrestling that Does Not Belong. Worse decision: pro wrestling or the name change? I've tried to decide but then my brain implodes from the extreme suckage involved.

Merlin continues to be so wonderfully happily slashy I can't stand it.

Also, last night's In Plain Sight? Oh Marshall, you poor baby.

How are you all doing, and what's pinging your fannish radar these days?
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OK, I really don't watch the new Knight Rider, but I passed by there briefly last night and hello Captain Jack Harkness reference! Sometimes I wonder how many people out there in the "real world" watch Torchwood and this kind of thing gives me hope. Of course it's also another sign that there are more geeks than we might know writing television.
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So while hanging out with other Richard Armitage fans I've been made to understand that I'd come at things a bit backward not having watched North & South yet. I've also learned that the N&S fangirls can be a hard-core lot.

Now that I've watched N&S? I get it. I really get it. Mmmmph. *falls over*

The problem with getting it from Netflix is that I had to wait two whole days for the second disc. The horror, I tell you, the inhumanity!

I am still having a hell of a time trying to reconcile that lovely girl with the psycho bitch from "Greeks Bearing Gifts".

But mostly? *gurgle* *flail* *falls over*
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I'm still upset with Torchwood, in that way of, "I love you but I'm kind of pissed off at you right now." Not, "You cheated on me!" upset, but still more than, "Why didn't you just clean up after yourself?" upset. Maybe, "You recorded over a hard-to-find movie I'm really fond of and you did it for CHEESY PORN!" upset. (Incidentally, don't examine that metaphor more closely than needs be; I came up with it because it *sigh* actually happened. A long time ago before everything was available on DVD or online somewhere.)

On the other hand, if you have seen all of Torchwood up to 2.13, I can not recommend this story by [ profile] rustydog enough. It's some stellar writing on her part, and a lovely moment of reflection - which is actually a kind of story she's done more than once and always does nicely.

In the rest of the Whoverse, I hadn't watched The Sarah Jane Adventures before, and I really enjoyed the first episode on the Sci-Fi channel Friday. One of my favorite moments in New Who will always be Ten's reaction to Sarah Jane in "School Reunion", and I felt that joy being carried on somewhat in SJA. And Saturday's Who made me about six kinds of happy. I resisted Donna, in part because The Catherine Tate show belongs to that segment of British humor that just doesn't do it for me. I try to keep in mind that my personal preference is not an objective measure, but that doesn't get away from the fact that if I don't like it, I don't like it. But Donna is really showing herself to be awesomecakes and I'm thrilled.

How're y'all doing?
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Completely non-spoilery reaction: Whee! *thud* *glee*

Now for the spoilery stuff )
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A running commentary: Adam )
Reset: more running commentary )

I'm not sure when I might be checking in with anyone else's commentary. Honestly, it might not be until after next week's episode.
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Torchwood Babiez FTW!

That brightened up my day considerably.
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Rewatching "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" on BBC America reminded me of something I had forgotten to squee about before and don't remember anyone else mentioning: technically spoilery )

Also, I'm sure there were cuts for the rebroadcast, but if there was anything significant I missed it. Except for a mild suspicion in the back of my mind during a couple of scenes, and that might have just been me.
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I loved THIS SHOW and I'm going to love this entire SERIES, I can tell. *flails*

OK, I have to go watch it again.

Spoilery list of things I loved about this episode that will probably be edited a lot as I rewatch and remember )
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Torchwood s2 promo on BBC America! GAH! *flails harder*
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Chuck continues to make me very happy, though thankfully I think I've gotten past the increasing despair I was feeling over having to wait a whole week for the next episode. Post-show crash is not a good thing, really.

Regarding Owen at the end of "Combat": wait, whaaa?

Reason number five thousand, eight hundred and thirty-three why I am a freak: I watched Amazing Grace this weekend and there's this scene that's about Wilberforce getting back in touch with his faith, and I just couldn't help thinking that he seemed like someone giddy in love and that it was really kind of sweet. Not that that kept me from thinking about slashing Wilberforce and Pitt. And Rufus Sewell was kind of awesome.

I had a thing last week and missed all of Bones, though I did catch a few minutes of House (with commentary by a nurse and PA, which was a new kind of strange), and Wilson is certainly keeping up with what seems to be his goal this season of being a Cute Evil Genius.
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Between [ profile] lafemmedarla's proposal that Captain Jack Harkness is The Immortal from AtS (slightly spoilery content in the post for TW & DW s3) and [ profile] jinxed_wood's ficlet about Martha meeting Amanda from Highlander, my brain is going to some very odd places.


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