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I'm beginning to realize that Mark Sheppard really is everywhere. The Chiller network has been running ads for an X-Files run they're going to start soon and there's a clip of him on it. Firefly (which is when I remember first really noticing him), BSG, Warehouse 13, Chuck, Leverage, Burn Notice, The Invisible Man, Special Unit 2, Jake 2.0 and the list goes on.

So if God is everywhere, maybe Mark Sheppard is God.
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This is especially for [ profile] donutsweeper and [ profile] chatona

When I got my Invisible Man DVD's I immediately started thinking in terms of fic and pairings, and one that came immediately to mind was Tony DiNozzo. Here's the real beauty of this: I'd forgotten that there's an episode of I-Man where Darien and Hobbes (who do in fact work for a U.S. government agency)(of a sort) actually end up working with NCIS. It's CANON, baby!
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So I spent my weekend watching season 1 of The Invisible Man in its entirety and I feel, mmm, sated. So much goodness, sweet and sad and silly, from the ultimate tragedy of Simon Cole to "Die, cuckoo clock, die!"

Of course this means I still haven't watched the last episode of Ashes to Ashes (bad fan, no cookie) or caught up with Torchwood, which I really need to do in the next couple of days. Also, the last disc of the I-Man set was badly scratched and skipping so I actually have to package it up today and send it back to Amazon for a replacement.

Still, a very good time was had the past couple of days. ;)
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They were a bit late but I finally have my The Invisible Man s1 DVD's. Oh, Darien Fawkes, how I've missed you! Your hair and your "Oh crap" and your internal monologues. And Bobby! And the Keeper! And Eberts! *snuggles them all* I've missed you guys so much!

I was able to watch the pilot episode and "Catevari" last night and tonight I get to watch "Ralph", the one where he's masquerades as the little girl's invisible friend, and OMG I can't wait to see that one again! Eeeeeeee!

Short-lived TV shows on DVD: makes a sugar rush look like a coma.
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The Invisible Man is finally coming out on DVD on this side of the pond! According to Amazon the release date is March 25. It's apparently only the first season, and it's mildly pricey, but they did have a full 23 episodes in each season.



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