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Jan. 6th, 2012 09:09 pm
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I am so mad at Supernatural for everything that's been taken away this season, but I still saw the previews for next week and shrieked with glee.

OMG, Inspector Lynley is on Merlin! The US may have Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but the UK has Two Degrees of the BBC.
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Supernatural is kind of breaking my heart right now and I'd REALLY LIKE IT TO STOP.
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Drat, I think Supernatural finally managed to get me invested.

I'd been watching it slightly more often recently because Misha Collins managed to damn near charm the pants off of me with the whole rhino puzzle contest, and then something spoilery that I wasn't expecting got my attention in the new episode tonight. Now I'm interested.

I made it five whole seasons too, damn it.
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Keeping in mind that I am only an occasional watcher of SPN, this description of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (from here) made me scratch my head a bit:
Morgan is perhaps best known to U.S. television audiences for his recurring roles on "Grey's Anatomy" (as a heart transplant patient and Izzie's love interest) and "Supernatural" (as the mysterious father of Sam).

Um, is there something about Dean I don't know?

Speaking of Supernatural, all you SPN fans out there that talk occasionally about Jensen and/or Jared but never talk about the awesome evil genius that is Misha Collins? You are so fired. A week after the rhino puzzle stuff hit fandom_wank and I'm still giggling. Also, a rhinoceros is now my personal symbolic shorthand for, "No, really, is getting upset about this going to make anything better? Then why get upset about it?"


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