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So, I can easily find all the fics I might want that portray Sherlock as gay (or at least gay where John is concerned) and can also easily find fics that portray Sherlock as asexual. I suppose if I really wanted to I could find fics where he is straight, or straight and abstinent (or is that only in Moffat’s mind?).

But that’s not what I’m interested in. What I’m interested in is something that I don’t see talked about where Sherlock is concerned: I’m curious if anyone can recommend fics where there is something fundamentally broken with Sherlock’s sexuality. Not something where everything is made better after meeting the right person or something like that, but something that portrays him as genuinely dysfunctional. Anything?
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[personal profile] etcetera_cat mentioned an advertisement for hands-only CPR (with Vinnie Jones!) that's currently running in the UK that makes Moriarty's use of "Staying Alive" even funnier. Watch it here.

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Spoilers, naturally )
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So I had a dream where I went grocery shopping with Lestrade and then I made out with Sherlock. No I don't know where John was. No, it wasn't because I was John, I'm quite sure of that. Maybe he would have showed up if I had stayed asleep longer. Then again maybe I would have just kept on making out with Sherlock, which would have been fine with me because damn.

So just remember, you can always tell yourself at least I'm not like her. ;)
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So I had new Sherlock to watch and Tater Tots to eat, which for me meant I Win At Life.

I should have known that only Sherlock is allowed such hubris, because thirty seconds before the timer went off my computer screen died. It's an ongoing problem and I was eventually able to watch Sherlock, but I had to eat my Tater Tots long before I could make my computer behave.

Sherlock was, of course, awesome, but somehow it just wasn't the same.

I'm not going to mention any specifics here, but spoilery squee comments are highly encouraged.

Oh wait, I lied. Spoilers! )
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OMG four days until new Sherlock! Thank you for my New Year's present Messrs. Moffat and Gatiss. I promise, I won't need a gift receipt.


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