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One week to series three of Robin Hood and what should be some truly exquisite manpain. Bring. It. On. Also, Joanne Froggatt.

I was listening to the Cars' first album this last week and I realized that "You're All I've Got Tonight" is a perfect Robin/Guy song. If I indulged in such things. *tries to look innocent* *fails miserably*
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For some reason this picture of Richard Armitage makes me particularly weak in the knees at the moment:

I don't even know why, because there's nothing about it that seems particularly special. It just does. And I thought I'd seen every possible way the man could make me weak in the knees. Except for the new look for s3 of Robin Hood cut for anyone wandering past that might care )

Final episode of Spooks tonight! I've been going a little crazy waiting for it, but also going a little crazy knowing this is going to be the last episode for the series. I'll take him as Guy but I've really been enjoying him as Lucas!
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OK, so now I've finally seen it all. I've known for months what happened, if not precisely how they got there, and in that time I've read a lot of people talking about how unhappy they were with the ending, particularly that they were unhappy with how it was handled.

Now, having seen it for myself, I can't really agree.

I've never called this a brilliantly written show and I still won't. But I think how they got from point A to point D was reasonable and believable. I've seen and complained about previous instances where the writers seem to be pushing the bounds of believability for a character. I don't agree that's what happened here. It was not without clumsiness, but this show has done much worse.

Also, now having seen the entire run, I can say conclusively that I just can't agree with the Marian haters.
cut for actual spoilery content )
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OK, I have spent far too much time today searching, and all I can say is, WHERE IS THE POST S2 EPIC ROBIN/GUY HATE!SEX?!

Srsly fandom, I'm more than a little disappointed. Also, I have read more badfic today than I have in a long time. Ewww.
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I seem to be in danger of becoming a Guy/Marian shipper.

And I say that having been spoiled through the end of the second series. Because, yeah, that's about twisted enough for me.


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