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So AP, will you be striking "xenophobia" from your style guide as well?
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Have you tried this Age Analyzer thing yet?

It thinks my Tumblr account is written by someone 65-100 years old.

It thinks my LJ/DW account is written by someone 13-17 years old.

I seriously thought it would come out the other way around.

(I'll be 42 this summer.)
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So last night at some point during the rambling randomosity my brain has to run through before it will let me go to sleep, I ended up at the thought, "I wonder what the Cupid of casual sex looks like?"

The first image that popped into my head bore a strong resemblance to 70's era Spike (with wings, yes) but I refuse to settle for that. Now it's becoming a thinky thing! Where will it end?!


Sep. 8th, 2010 08:39 pm
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I know I should be happy I still have a job, but it's hard sometimes. I got somewhere around three hours of sleep last night because I couldn't stop stressing. People don't understand what they're now being asked to review and they're making decisions based on those misunderstandings and apparently I'm being annoying when I'd like it to see about getting that fixed. Hi, please stop treating an invoice and a late notice like they're the same thing. No, wait, please let me ASK them to stop treating an invoice and a late notice like they're the same thing. WHY AM I THE PROBLEM? *cries*

Even minor accidents on treadmills are not good. At least the damage is limited to my legs. And this was yesterday when I was reasonably alert; as you can imagine I decided to skip the gym today.

Some of you are going through some really tough times. You're in my thoughts. I hope things ease up soon.

Highly annoyed by Google this week. Yes, I see your shiny new live search now, but the last couple of days made me want to use Yahoo.

Um, I know there was something else I was going to mention, but see above re sleep deprivation.

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So the local newspaper has an article about the Alaska ACLU filing a lawsuit related to the fact that same-sex couples don't qualify for the same level of property tax exemptions for senior citizens and veterans that married couples do in Anchorage.

The executive director of the Alaska ACLU was quoted as saying, "We are asking the court to overturn an unconstitutional practice of the state of Alaska. Lesbian and same-sex couples who are homeowners in the state of Alaska are discriminated against."

Bwuh? I find the phrasing "gay and lesbian" mildly annoying but I've mostly accepted its existence in the vernacular. But "lesbian and same-sex couples"? HOW MUCH ARE YOU PAID?!

Unless there's something different about lesbians I haven't figured out yet. Totally plausible.
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I'm beginning to realize that Mark Sheppard really is everywhere. The Chiller network has been running ads for an X-Files run they're going to start soon and there's a clip of him on it. Firefly (which is when I remember first really noticing him), BSG, Warehouse 13, Chuck, Leverage, Burn Notice, The Invisible Man, Special Unit 2, Jake 2.0 and the list goes on.

So if God is everywhere, maybe Mark Sheppard is God.
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OMG ad with Ten, reindeer and the TARDIS - they're using it on BBC America now, I hadn't seen it before last night. Massive glee!

The animals at Hanover, Germany's zoo got Christmas presents too this year and I am ded of teh cute. [link]

I hope everyone out there has a lovely day, no matter what they're doing.


Dec. 7th, 2009 11:18 pm
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Thank you for my snowflake cookie anonymous flister! It even has those wonderful candy ball bearings on it!

I realize it was made because someone said, "Hey, let's do Tin Man but with Alice in Wonderland, but I liked Alice. As a Primeval fan it was lovely to see Andrew Lee Potts and Matt Frewer BROKE MY HEART.

Have some links that show more reasons why corvids rock:
Ravens form a wake-like gathering after 2 electrocuted
Clever ravens cooperatively hunt

And another link I've been holding onto for a while now:
How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect

Note that the New York Times has not forgotten to capitalize their article titles, even though many other news organizations, including the BBC, have. There was even a bit in the Magazine section of the BBC News site today defending their recent practice of not capitalizing acronyms, which I think is just an excuse for not knowing how to turn off AutoCorrect. Grr. Not on, BBC News.
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I figure there must be people who don't read PostSecret religiously, so for them and the people who didn't know about it already, you need to know about 1000 Awesome Things. It celebrates things like the final seconds of untangling a really big knot and reuniting a sock from the Sock Orphanage Drawer with its freshly washed, once lost brother or sister and that feeling in your stomach when you go really high on the swings and all those other small moments of awesomeness that life hands us on occasion.
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If I'm going to waste a ridiculous amount of time on this site, so are the rest of you, damn it.

From a link on the NaNoWriMo home page I've just discovered TV Tropes, which despite the name is about tropes in all forms of fiction (including the occasional reference to fan works). You know how you can lose time at Wikipedia - you went to look up information about bearded dragons and you look up hours later from a page about the Japanese Navy? TV Tropes is like the [ profile] crack_van version of that. You have pages on the Beard of Sorrow trope (Scott Summers does that a lot. Fans have taken to calling it "The stubble of angst" and comment on how fast he grows it.), the Raygun Gothic trope, and the Planet of Hats.

Spoilery text is often in white to be considerate, but obviously this isn't going to be 100% (I've seen reference to a five year rule, but again, some older works are still whited out). Some pages will be inherently spoilery, such as the Mental World trope, where everything turns out to only exist in someone's mind, and any page under the category of Twist Ending.
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So, long story short my vacation plans for 2009 are pretty much dead. I was thinking about my next possible vacation and to be honest I've realized that I'm the type of person that probably would enjoy a cruise. I was amused by recent TV commercials for Carnival so I went to their website first. If you click on 'Destinations' you get a world map with a few icons, usually animals or landmarks, for various destinations. For Alaska there was a small picture

Congratulations Carnival, you may have set a speed record for insulting my intelligence and squashing any chance of getting my business.
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This morning I told my iTunes to create a Genius playlist based on "I Can't Decide".

The second song on the list was "Voodoo Child".

The third song on the list was "Life on Mars".

Isn't that awesome?

Speaking of Simmy, there are some adorable pictures of the man at rehearsals for his new play here. You're welcome.
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World's smallest parrot filmed

Also, I just found out about the amazingly good breeding season the kakapo just had. These are the largest parrots in the world and the species population has been at dangerously low levels for a long time now. This many chicks is just incredible
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A huge blob of strange black goo is floating in the Arctic Ocean.
Uh, does this make anyone else think of Stephen King's short story "The Raft"? Especially when it mentions the goose bones.

Professional snipers have been brought in to protect a colony of fairy penguins.
It's about time someone took penguins this seriously.

And in the "This is why I'm still in the honeymoon phase" category:
The Obama administration is revising policy to make it easier for foreign abused women to be granted asylum.


May. 21st, 2009 06:33 am
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*waves* I've been really occupied with other things so I haven't been very attentive lately, sorry. On the other hand I am most likely getting a TV this weekend so I may soon be back to being the fannish TV slut you know and look at warily. *mwah*

Also, I won a vid by [ profile] millylicious, which kind of makes me want to explode.

Welcome back Rusty!
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Don't mess with a marching band girl, especially one armed with a baton via [ profile] honorh
Deputies searched near Quartz Hill High School for the muggers, looking for a man who was holding his bloodied nose and the other limping.

In other news, crap. There's a charge on my credit card I don't recognize but of course I don't find this until after business hours on Friday. I'm hoping it's just an error and not a sign that my credit card number is compromised. I'm mad at myself because I make sure to check my transactions online at least once a week and I just plain missed this one - it's over two weeks old. But I've called my credit card company and will call the merchant on Monday. Bleh.

The fact that the transaction got a bit lost in the crowd should probably say something to me about my buying habits in the last couple of months.
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This bit of spam filler amused me quite a bit:

When you see a skyscraper living with the eggplant, it means that a sandwich reads a magazine. The makeshift tuba player satiates a mysterious bullfrog, and the smelly microscope ignores a cashier. When another inferiority complex returns home, a buzzard for some line dancer meditates. If the pine cone barely assimilates a chain saw, then the cyprus mulch related to the dust bunny starts reminiscing about lost glory. When you see an anomaly defined by another bottle of beer, it means that a jersey cow from a movie theater reads a magazine.

"The dust bunny starts reminiscing about lost glory." Duuuuude.

I've realized that there is at least one part of my life where I have achieved some measure of true understanding of Zen: waiting for the bus. I'm standing there enjoying my music and people around me are getting stressed out because the bus is late and I realize that I gave that up years ago, because getting upset doesn't make the bus come any faster or the weather any more pleasant, does it?

I do however fail to have the same equanimity when I miss the bus because it was early.
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Hey there wise and all-knowing Friends List, I'm hoping to tap your collective knowledge a bit. I'm looking for examples of betrayal in the TV shows we know and at least some of us love. I'm interested in all kinds, from the ones we're in on it from the beginning (Faith joining forces with the Mayor), the ones that blindsided us (the character who'd been helping Gormogon in Bones), and the ones where the betrayals are perpetrated by the good guys (Wiseguy.) Gimme what you got.

A note about spoilers: I'm pretty lackadaisical about spoilers, but I try to be courteous in general towards others. That being said, please remember the recent hiatus in my TV watching. I would prefer it if, for instance, all BSG after the mid-season break was avoided (I don't know that there's any particular reason I might need to make that request, I'm just hedging my bets).

Oh, if anyone wants to talk about examples from Spooks/MI-5 that would be great. The only complete series I've seen is the most recent one, the 7th, but I'd definitely be curious about how that issue has come up in the show.
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Why do we assume Humpty Dumpty is an egg? No, no, don't look up the history and give me the facts. I'm enjoying the question too much without any silly facts getting in the way.

I am now about five times more in love with Adam Baldwin. In the collection of the Serenity: Better Days comics he writes the introduction, where he has this to say:
When Joss Whedon gave me the chance to play a man called Jayne, the "Hero of Canton," I couldn't believe my luck. I'd never been asked to play a girl before, so I knew I was going to have to summon my inner hero, Carol Burnett.

And the ultimate in random, I let a book fall open at random and this is what my eye was drawn to:
"It can't have been easy," he said, his voice quiet, "to get a glassblower to make a glass eye filled with chopped garlic."


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