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My time spent off of DW/LJ meant that I missed the initial registration for Bitchin' Party (Pacificon) 2012 at the beginning of November. Much woe was had at this. But after mentioning it in my last post I thought I'd take a look at the comm and it looked like they had plenty of open spots. I knew there might be other deadlines in play but I figured I shouldn't assume the worst and an email wouldn't hurt.

As it turns out I was right not to assume to worst. I'm coming to Issaquah bitches!
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I'm back and reasonably well-rested.

OMG fangirl joy!

More later.
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Have I ever mentioned that traveling makes me anxious? It's not the flying part, it's the getting to the airport on time and having everything in order and making it on to the plane and all that. Eek, I tell you. EEK.
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So I've been streaming Netflix on my TV for about a week and it's really putting a dent in all these other things I'm supposed to be working on. This weekend I finally got around to watching the last series of Wire In the Blood and all of a sudden I'm feeling very Kevin/Tony. FIVE series and I see no Kevin/Tony and then I'm just kind of thinking about it and the next thing I know I'm being smacked in the face with them having a lot of together time.

Also, five days until [ profile] bitchinparty. I HAVE NO WORDS for how excited I am.

How're you guys doing?


Nov. 9th, 2009 06:26 am
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It finally snowed yesterday! Looks like it's going to stick, too.

I've done something potentially foolish and registered for Pacificon 2010/[ profile] bitchinparty. I don't do this - I like staying behind the digital curtain. Eep.

Of course, just because I've paid for the registration doesn't mean I have to show up ...


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