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Suzanne Vega at the Atwood Concert Hall, Anchorage, Alaska, February 4, 2011

This was such a rare treat for me. Not just seeing a musician I've been a fan of since high school (when her first album came out) but one who's current work I still enjoy (I confess she did lose me for a bit after Days of Open Hand). I can probably count those people on one hand and the odds of one of them coming up to Alaska to perform? Pretty slim. The odds were probably evened out a bit by the fact that she was only accompanied by one other musician, guitarist Gerry Leonard, and her equipment needs were pretty small. She played in Kodiak before coming to Anchorage and is going on to Fairbanks. Stay warm you guys!

Gerry Leonard, by the way, looked like Jon Pertwee playing a rocker in an Archie comic; he had this black jacket with red and white ribbons and three-quarter sleeves with white lace. It was awesome.

Ms. Vega is in the process of releasing four albums on her own label of "reinterpreted" versions of her older songs, and as that's what she's touring to support most of the songs were from her earlier years, which pleased the crowd greatly. I would have been OK if the majority of the material had been from her last studio album of new work Beauty & Crime but it was lovely to hear so many old favorites, including ones I wouldn't necessarily have expected like "Ironbound". She did play one song from B&C, "Frank & Ava", which was certainly a good choice. She also treated us to a couple of songs from the forthcoming play, "Carson McCullers Talks About Love" that she wrote and is playing Carson McCullers in(!) Duncan Sheik is involved with the music side as well. It's opening in April.

The problematic acoustics of the venue (which I complain about like it's my job) were not too problematic this time around, but as I believe the problems usually arise from scaling down sound design I wasn't expecting it to be that bad. It would have been nice if they could have done the lighting so that there weren't constant reflections from her very shiny guitar bouncing off into the audience.

As far as the songs being reinterpreted, I couldn't really hear that much of a difference in the arrangements. This may have been in part because I was really only paying attention to her voice, and I didn't pick up much variation there. Mostly it was as gorgeous as it's always been.

I did consider braving the crowd afterward for her album signing session, if only to say thank you, but it would have meant missing the last bus home. I could have walked and I certainly have before but it had been a long day and a long week and I was tired. A couple of days later and I can say for certain that skipping that part did not in any way diminish my enjoyment of the show. She was fabulous.
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Thanks so much to all the Yuletide writers for all those yummy, yummy fics. I already have more tabs open than is sensible, but I'll get to you all eventually.

Also, whoever first suggested Amanda Palmer as a fandom, you rock like a rockin' thing. The category isn't listed as RPF and most of the time it's really not, it's more about the iconography from her works. I may be inspired.
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So I thinking about TV theme music this evening, specifically the ones that are on my iTunes. Not soundtrack songs or other music from the score, just theme music. I think I have six:

1) Buffy (two versions actually, but let's just count that as one)
2) Angel
3) due South (two versions again, and they really are different ... nope, same rule as Buffy)
4) La Femme Nikita
5) The Unit

... I'm forgetting someone, I just know it. OK then, five. Yes, I own a lot more TV music than this, including theme music, but this is what's on my iTunes.

What about you? What makes it to your iTunes/music organization program of choice?
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This morning I told my iTunes to create a Genius playlist based on "I Can't Decide".

The second song on the list was "Voodoo Child".

The third song on the list was "Life on Mars".

Isn't that awesome?

Speaking of Simmy, there are some adorable pictures of the man at rehearsals for his new play here. You're welcome.


Apr. 14th, 2009 07:51 pm
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Sometimes Pandora is almost spooky in the songs it chooses for me. Sometimes it makes me scoff at myself for my obviously predictable tastes. And sometimes I wonder what its ulterior motive must be, because Kathie Lee Gifford in the middle of my neo-cabaret playlist? Seriously?
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I highly recommend's piece this morning on the use of music in the soundtrack for Watchmen. Besides being an interesting look at this aspect of the movie it does a wonderful job of speaking to the use of music in movies and pop music being "one of the ways in we represent our own culture to ourselves". [link]

Also a feed: [ profile] overthink_feed
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You know my new musical crush, Kris Delmhorst? I just found out she's going to be playing in Alaska next week. But the only local show that I could get to under my own power is sold out. The two others are a considerable drive away. And I can't drive.

Auuuuuuuuugh! I would have signed up for her newsletter if I thought there was any chance she would come up here!

Maybe I could tempt someone at work if I buy their ticket.
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I had thought that in this day and age the issue of music clearances for the DVD release of TV shows was no longer an issue for new shows. That it was the sort of thing that anyone making a TV show would take care of initially. Apparently that is NOT the case, because almost all of the music in Life is different on the DVD release.

I find this especially sad because I thought the way music was used on Life was one of the things that was truly special about the show. While the replacement music was often, in my opinion, thoughtfully chosen, it was rarely anywhere near as good as what it replaced.

I realize the people behind Life needed ways to cut costs, especially in light of the shortened season, but I would have been willing to pay a little more for the DVD's. I might have considered shelling out the ridiculous asking price for the Wiseguy DVD's if they hadn't replaced "Nights in White Satin" in the Steelgrave finale.

The sole good news in this is that the music used in the penultimate scene in the premiere episode is intact. That is probably the most important scene in the premiere and just an excellent scene in terms of the music and editing. If they had replaced the music there I might very well have just returned the DVD's. Or smashed them, depending on my mood. Sadly they did replace another song by the same artist that was used in the finale. I bought the CD because of that first song, and after listening to the CD and then hearing the second song in the finale - I thought it made for a lovely bookend, and was another well-used song all on its own.

Other than that, Life is still an excellent show and later on I will have much to say as to why this is so.
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If I was wondering how much of me is still 13 years old, I saw the new 2-CD editions of U2's first three albums and freaked out. The thought of all those B-sides is making want to squeal like a massive squealing thingy. I actually own some of them, from 12"'s and Japanese 45's. Acquired, mind you, by a girl living in a small town in Alaska before the internet. Thank heavens for music magazines and mail order. My friends teased me about my obsession with this band with the lead singer with the funny name. Of course my senior year was when The Joshua Tree came out, so in some ways I got the last laugh.

My fondness for their music started to wane after Achtung Baby; I respect their choices but I also respect that the directions they've moved in are not to my personal preference. But those first years? Own my soul.
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Seen in a couple of different places on my Friends List, with an additional category and added anal-retentiveness.

Instructions: Open up your iTunes and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be.

How many songs total: 1768
How many hours or days of music: 5:02:16:49
Most recently played: Foo Fighters, "Best of You"
Most played: Terrence Mann, "Where's the Girl?"
Most recently added: Passions, "I'm In Love With A German Film Star" (It was in the first episode of Ashes to Ashes, OK?)

Sort by song title:
First Song: Klaus Badelt & Mark Batson, "A-500"
Last Song: Richard Thompson, "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"
(Now hang on a second - generations of librarians in my family are bitchily reminding me that numbers go first. So if iTunes sorted things properly, the first would be "7" by Moby and the last would be "Zoo Station" by U2.)

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: Chris Whitley, "Excerpt" (0:17) - Hey, I say it counts.
Longest Song: Arlo Guthrie, "Alice's Restaurant (The Massacree Revisited)" (22:26) - Thirtieth anniversary live version with a rambling interlude that includes the funniest theory about Watergate ever.

Sort by album:
First album: U2, Achtung Baby
Last album: The Verve Pipe, 85 on 31
(See above - with proper sorting the first would be Moby's 18 and the last would be Your Little Secret by Melissa Etheridge.)

Sort by artist:
First artist: Aimee Mann
Last artist: 1000 Homo DJs
(Playing by Librarian's Rules that would be 3 Doors Down and Zachary Richard. No, I'm not going to try and figure out what it would be if last names were alphabetized properly. Even I have limits.)

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Ashley MacIsaac, "Sleepy Maggie"

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 5
Life - 22
Love - 87
Hate - 3
You - 206
Sex - 4

Well, that wasn't too painful, especially since I'd recently copped to the Terrence Mann.
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So, being the geek that I am, I'm trawling through music charts looking for good 1981 songs for Ashes to Ashes. I found way too much music that I like, and some that I'm really not ready to admit that I own. *facepalm* At least I'm young enough that I only have one of these on a 45. No, I'm not telling you which one. In which I geek out like a geekalicious geeking thing )
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I decided to take a look at what songs on iTunes had the most plays, and "Where's the Girl?" was #1, with almost twenty more plays than #2, which was "Storm In A Teacup" (RHCP from Stadium Arcadium), #3 was "She Looks To Me", also from SA, #4 was a rap/rock version of "All Along the Watchtower" with Everlast, and #5 was "Bring Me the Disco King". The RHCP songs don't surprise me, nor "Watchtower" but I looked at "Disco King" and thought, really? That many times? OK, that might explain some things.

For the non-Dresden Files fans on my Friends List, "Where's the Girl?" is a song from the Broadway musical of The Scarlet Pimpernel, loved by some fans of the DF TV show because: a) it's Terrence Mann singing and b) lyrics that go, "In the dark of the morning I'll warm you, I'll rouse you". Terrence Mann is the special crack.


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