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Despite the fact that we have little in common I find myself identifying with Finn lately and it breaks my heart to see him making the same kinds of mistakes I made.

In a show that is largely about ambition Finn is the character without any. Finn doesn't have dreams the way the other kids do, he doesn't have goals and he doesn't have plans. There was the football scholarship that he didn't get, but I think that was more of an Expectation than a Dream. He expected to get a football scholarship to college and then ... and then he would Do Stuff. There was no particular end for that means and once the means was taken away there wasn't anything else in its place.

Spoilers for 'Yes/No' )

Incidentally, I have no idea why Finn doesn't have any dreams. For my own part I figured it had something to do with dealing with chronic depression since my age was in the single digits. I wonder if for Finn if it has something to do with growing up as the man of the house with such an idolized absent father, especially if his mother really didn't have any relationships that Finn was aware of until Burt Hummel. I don't really know why, I just know that there's something missing for him.
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I highly recommend's piece this morning on the use of music in the soundtrack for Watchmen. Besides being an interesting look at this aspect of the movie it does a wonderful job of speaking to the use of music in movies and pop music being "one of the ways in we represent our own culture to ourselves". [link]

Also a feed: [ profile] overthink_feed
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The fact that I haven't actually put up a vid yet does not mean I've lost the will to vid, it just means that I'm *makes flaily hands* being me. I'm thinking I need to embrace the concept of vid drabbles, perhaps like promo spots for real vids.

Also, does anyone else find themselves surprised to discover they like a particular pairing, or is that just me? I swear, it's not how I am in regards to my own life. I mean, I've known people who needed it explained to them that they liked someone, but I'm usually pretty aware of where my head and my heart are at. Yet my fannish predilections are constantly smacking me upside the head. Weird.
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What is it that separates perfectly respectable historical fiction from squick-inducing Real People Fic/Slash?

It can't be the sex, because there is plenty of respectable or at least semi-respectable historical fiction that doesn't shy away from sex.

Is it that the protagonists are still living, or close members of their families might still be living? Because I've seen people still have that squick reaction when that isn't necessarily the case.

Is it an acknowledgment of the personal pleasure we get from certain kinds of fic - and I'm not just referring to sexual pleasure - and that perhaps we're uncomfortable "using" people for such a purpose? Along those same lines, is it perhaps bumping up against other issues with media and celebrity in the information age, and making us look at the lines we draw for ourselves more closely than we'd like to?

Despite the way some of this has ended up being phrased, I really don't have an agenda I'm pushing here - I genuinely feel the answer is "I don't know" and I'm curious what other people think about it.

Edited to add: OK, maybe I do have an agenda - but I'm trying not to, honest!
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Spoilery and really cranky: you've been warned )

Now, how many of you have seen the slightly spoilery photos from the third episode and want to squee with me about them?
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So, here's the thing: when I was watching Xena I was not the least bit involved in fandom, and certainly not online fandom (which obviously wasn't at the levels it is now, but it did exist). And I'm curious about something.

See, since this period predated my introduction to online fandom, it also predated my introduction to slash. I understood that the show was absolutely playing up the idea of a Xena/Gabrielle pairing; I saw Lucy Lawless talking about it more than once on this or that talk show. But while I understood it as fan service, I thought it was for the show's gay fans, because Lucy would talk about the show having a large gay fanbase and that there were 'Xena nights' at gay bars and such. At that time I didn't understand the, ah, complexities.

Now I get to see House doing what ever it is that it's doing, and I get to watch the crowd go wild, so to speak. I never got to see that with Xena, and I'm wondering, how much were people actually reacting to it? Did Usenet explode after the post-wedding kiss, or one of their shared bath scenes?

For that matter, how many of you think that's what House is actually doing? Does this mean we'll get to see House and Wilson kiss in the series finale one day?
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I am the Queen of Dead TV Shows. Firefly folks are pikers as far as I'm concerned. I might give you a little credit if you've heard of Profit, but only a little. How about Vengeance Unlimited? That's still more well known than a lot of the shows I have loved and lost too soon. Lost Souls, anyone? Wonderland? No, not Wonderfalls. E-Z Streets? Omigod I could go on about Joe Pantoliano's freezer of spare hands and Debrah Farentino's black eye.

So anyway, I saw a story about fans of The 4400 who are sending bags of sunflower seeds to network executives in hopes of getting the cancellation of their show reversed. A line in the story mentioned that the idea was modeled on the campaign involving a deluge of peanuts that successfully saved Jericho. Uh, wha? Try Roswell and bottles of Tabasco sauce.

Incidentally, when similar campaigns were being considered for The Dresden Files, it was mentioned that quite a lot of this kind of thing stops at the mailroom, which means that (a)it wouldn't have much if any direct influence on TPTB, and (b)it might be more likely to tick off the deluged mailroom workers, which can't possibly end well.

So, perhaps we can assume that the Roswell campaign was successful in part due to its novelty and that the Jericho campaign may have been successful for non-peanut-related reasons. Perhaps the publicity generated by the stunts rather than the stunts themselves was what was actually effective.

What do you think works in such campaigns and why? Also, if you can remember other similar save-our-show campaigns, I'd love it if you'd mention them in a comment.
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I don't currently write fanfic, but I've been around it for over ten years now, and I've formed some opinions. The one I want to talk about right now concerns rights. You know those disclaimers some people put at the top of their fics spelling out that someone else owns those properties and those properties are being used without permission? That's true whether or not the author states it. To me one of the things this ultimately means is that if you play with those characters without permission, you essentially have no rights to the end result. So if someone who is authorized to play with those characters steals your idea and profits from it, too bad for you. Plain and simple.

There probably are some arguments that aren't completely half-assed for why this shouldn't be the case, but I have yet to see a decent argument that this is the case and I don't expect to see one. If you think the rules aren't fair get them changed, but don't just declare that the rules don't apply to you. You are not a special and unique snowflake, really. Get off your entitlement high horse and meditate on Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster for a while.

Edited to reflect the inherent sanity of my Friends List. Sorry guys, I forget sometimes.
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The human mind is a complex thing, and most of the time we understand that. We understand that people do and say things for reasons that are often not simple. We also understand that sexuality is a huge factor in our lives and can affect us in ways that have nothing to do with reproduction or physical pleasure. Yet sometimes when we think about the mind and how it is affected by sexuality, we can get awfully simplistic.
Sexual fantasy and the reality of being human )
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Um, as it turns out my lack of willpower doesn't matter much as there's not a whole lot of Westley/Inigo fic out there. But in my search for it I found this really amusing can't-we-all-just-get-along-in-fandom plea in somewhat Seuss-like verse: Why Slash Is Like Pants.

And we do look fabulous.
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Oh gee, there was drama in [ profile] house_wilson and I missed it. I'm so bummed!
Seriously, this is why I enjoy my little corner of LJ fandom: it's relatively uninfested with drama llamas.
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Someone on my Friends List was recently the recipient of a DMCA copyright violation notice. The material in question was a list of works only so that's kind of strange and all, not to mention reminiscent of recent shenanigans by the SFWA. But what really got my attention was reading some of the responses to this person's post about the incident. For all the problems fandom has been having on LJ, many people still seem to be incredibly unaware of how a DMCA complaint actually works. The page with the information is here, but let me go over some of the basics:

1) DMCA complaints are not the same as reporting other violations to LJ Abuse. Assuming the complaint is received in the correct format (more on that below), LJ's first step must be to request that the material be taken down. This is not 6A policy so much as what is required by law.

2) Not just anybody can make a DMCA complaint. The complainant must be either the person whose copyright was violated or someone legally permitted to represent that person. This means that a person can't make such complaints anonymously, and must provide a certain amount of contact information. Could this be fudged? Certainly. I have no idea what LJ's standards are for the level of identifying information required, only that they do require some.

3) Again, once the complaint in the correct format has been received, LJ has no choice but to tell the alleged violator that a complaint has been made and request that the specified material be taken down. This is not a judgment of the reasonableness of the complaint, this is what they are required to do. Contesting the reasonableness of the complaint requires filing a counter notification.

4) Filing a counter-claim means providing your name, address and telephone number. At what point this information might be provided to the original complainant is something I'm not aware of, but the information is probably collected so that the complainant would have access to it for legal proceedings. This information is then provided to the complainant by LJ. [edited 10-30-07]

How the process works past this point is not something I'm familiar with, including what happens to those who are found to be making false complaints, and as it probably needs to be said out loud, I Am Not A Lawyer. I didn't need to be one to understand these concepts and neither do you. My first experience with someone I knew on LJ receiving a DMCA complaint was completely unrelated to fandom. I could find myself affected by this. So could you.

And in the whole IANAL vein: if anyone has corrections or clarifications to what I've stated here I would really appreciate it. My intent with this post is to get information out, and I care more about it being correct information than I do about looking like an idiot.
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I have a coworker who has some lovely hand-knit sweaters (including one that makes me geek out ridiculously because it uses this big intricate stitch that I've only seen in one book). I asked her if she knits - no, or if she had a friend or family member who knits - no. She just apparently shops at a place that sell hand-knit sweaters.

I wonder if the people who made those sweaters got as much joy out of their creation as I do when making something for someone I care about. Certainly they don't have the option of fitting the creation to the person who will be receiving it, deciding whether it should be playful or elegant or soft or bold. One of the first pieces of beaded jewelry I made was a bracelet for my mother based on something she'd said about elephants and luck. It, uh, actually turned out she was looking for something to give as a gift to someone else, but she still loved the bracelet. The stones and the design I chose matched her and her wardrobe. If I might crow a teensy bit, she didn't realize for months that I'd actually made the bracelet, but after she found that out she loved it more, not less. Even if the quality had been lesser I know she would have appreciated that I'd made something for her.

I have no desire to create jewelry or knitting (or photography or any of the zillion other creative hobbies I have) to sell, and most of the people I know who engage in similar activities feel the same way. This is what some people do: they create for the love of it, and they share their creations out of love. Why a person chooses to create and how they choose to share that creation are not reasonable metrics for determining the quality of those creations, and just because a person could sell their work doesn't mean they'd want to.

People in fandom create too. They create icons and fic and pictures and vids and song mixes. They create those things out of the joy they feel for their fandom, and they share them in the spirit of that joy. These creations are often put out there in such a way that anyone who wants to can enjoy them; this is the changing nature of community in our world today. That doesn't mean that everyone who might have access to them is expected to enjoy them or even experience them. It also doesn't mean that those creators deserve to be automatically denigrated because they aren't doing it for money. Joy and wonder are fragile things that deserve a little protection.

I love what you do, fandom. I love that you do it out of joy. I might not like each and every individual creation but I love that you create.
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For those of you who don't read [ profile] metafandom (or would have come across this some other way), this is an interesting post on the benefits of writing fanfiction from the point of view of someone who was a professional writer before they got into fandom.
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So, is there any polite way to tell a fic writer, "My, you seemed to have based your entire fic around a huge honkin' Mary Sue" or do you just assume they don't really want to know any better and remember to avoid any future fics by that writer?


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