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Jan. 6th, 2012 09:09 pm
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I am so mad at Supernatural for everything that's been taken away this season, but I still saw the previews for next week and shrieked with glee.

OMG, Inspector Lynley is on Merlin! The US may have Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but the UK has Two Degrees of the BBC.
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Is anyone else besides me watching Merlin on SyFy? Does anyone else want to participate in some delayed squee with me? Because HOW AWESOME was "Eye of the Phoenix"?

No ships like friendships )
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Geez, I really haven't been around much lately - I need to get my priorities straight! This is especially true since I realized that my recent habit of staying off the computer on at least the first part of the weekend meant I forgot about [livejournal.com profile] fandom_me's blog-a-thon! Woe! I hope y'all had fun and raised a lot of money.

Despite having access to it I never did get around to watching CoE until it aired on BBC America. I'm not going to talk about anything I didn't like about it just yet. I will say that Johnson (Liz May Brice) ended up being a character I could stand to see more of in one form or another.

Primeval is over and there will be no more. I'm afraid there was nothing in the last couple of episodes to elicit particularly strong feelings in me, but I did enjoy it while it was around.

I apparently am going to fall very hard for Being Human. Is this a surprise to anyone?

Warehouse 13 is cute fun, not quite as smart as Eureka but with a similar sensibility. I'm having a hard time remembering to catch the new episodes as they're on Tuesdays, a night I'd gotten used to avoiding That Channel like the plague because of the pro wrestling that Does Not Belong. Worse decision: pro wrestling or the name change? I've tried to decide but then my brain implodes from the extreme suckage involved.

Merlin continues to be so wonderfully happily slashy I can't stand it.

Also, last night's In Plain Sight? Oh Marshall, you poor baby.

How are you all doing, and what's pinging your fannish radar these days?
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(I've certainly beat on this drum or variations of it before but try to relax and enjoy the rhythms.)

I'm an odd duck sometimes in that I have to struggle to appreciate adaptations but I adore reinventions. Which means you can go ahead and do crazy, vulgar things to Mr. Shakespeare's work but how could you do that to one of my favorite comics?! But for the most part I try to approach a work with that part of my brain that reacts to inaccuracies of the historical, technical or textual variety turned off, and I try to encourage others to do the same. Sometimes turning it off requires very little effort, just like flicking a light switch off. Sometimes it has to be bashed into unconsciousness with a really big rock. And possibly finished off with a flamethrower. But I do try.

Having settled recently into a, "it's on so why not" pattern of TV watching I decided to give Merlin a try since NBC is broadcasting it. Initially: really, really big rock, ow. But I kept hitting myself in the head while reminding myself that one of the great things about folklore is there really isn't a single universally accepted as authentic source material. So criticizing a rearranging of the "facts" is so much balderdash.

Side note: has anyone else seen the animated series X-Men: Evolution? It reboots most of them to high school age. Kurt's accent is mind-boggling, but Rogue is kind of goth which I think is actually pretty nifty.

Anyway, back to Arthurian legend and accuracy: if you're going to lay claim to the right to determine what is and isn't accpetable, I'm curious what your sources are. Archeological or other historical sources? Troyes? Malory? Tennyson? T. H. White? How about Marion Zimmer Bradley? While I realize it's fashionable these days to look down on The Mists of Avalon, it really was pretty influential in both fantasy literature in general, and I believe it influenced perception of the Arthurian mythos more than many people realize. (I also happen to consider it a big heaping chunk of literary comfort food so I'd appreciate it if we just didn't get into a discussion of its faults.)

Arthurian legend is peopled with some pretty big characters and some pretty big stories representing some pretty big ideas. There's a lot of room there to tell those stories in different ways. Even with a cheesy British TV show.

Also? Merlin and Arthur may be the slashiest boys I've seen since House/Wilson. Mmmm, subtext.


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