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A couple of corrections to things I said about Life when I was watching it during the original run: first of all, oops, that really is Christina Hendricks! In my defense I did check imdb at the time and I'd swear I saw another actor's name listed under that part. It's possible that I messed up, or just forgot how wrong imdb can get it sometimes and that I should trust my gut. I have many gleeful thoughts about how her character might be developed in future episodes, except for the part where she's busy with Mad Men.

Secondly, the bimbo quotient is not as high as I remember thinking it was, and in fact the cupcakes themselves pretty much disappear after a certain point, which is potentially interesting as to after what point they go away. There are still Issues when it comes to this show and women, but I may have been a little harsh before.
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I had thought that in this day and age the issue of music clearances for the DVD release of TV shows was no longer an issue for new shows. That it was the sort of thing that anyone making a TV show would take care of initially. Apparently that is NOT the case, because almost all of the music in Life is different on the DVD release.

I find this especially sad because I thought the way music was used on Life was one of the things that was truly special about the show. While the replacement music was often, in my opinion, thoughtfully chosen, it was rarely anywhere near as good as what it replaced.

I realize the people behind Life needed ways to cut costs, especially in light of the shortened season, but I would have been willing to pay a little more for the DVD's. I might have considered shelling out the ridiculous asking price for the Wiseguy DVD's if they hadn't replaced "Nights in White Satin" in the Steelgrave finale.

The sole good news in this is that the music used in the penultimate scene in the premiere episode is intact. That is probably the most important scene in the premiere and just an excellent scene in terms of the music and editing. If they had replaced the music there I might very well have just returned the DVD's. Or smashed them, depending on my mood. Sadly they did replace another song by the same artist that was used in the finale. I bought the CD because of that first song, and after listening to the CD and then hearing the second song in the finale - I thought it made for a lovely bookend, and was another well-used song all on its own.

Other than that, Life is still an excellent show and later on I will have much to say as to why this is so.
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I was going to start the Life spamming by pointing out this vid that really doesn't suck, "Patterns" by lithiumdoll:

cut for embedded video, obviously spoilers for s1 of Life but you should give it a shot anyway )

but then I watched another vid by lithiumdoll, a multifandom happyextravaganza using The Blues Brothers' "Everybody Needs Somebody (To Love)". I can not begin to describe the amount of happy contained in this vid.

cut because of the video, but you should REALLY WATCH THIS VID because it is MADE OF HAPPINESS )
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I don't post enough happy stuff in here, do I? So here's happy: I have the DVD set of the first season of Life and am going to try and watch all of it this weekend. As it was a short season it's doable. Then I am going to try and remember to spam you people about how superfantabulistic this show is because it needs more people to be watching it!

In the meantime, have a promo:
cut for embedded video )
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A wonderfully evil idea midwifed by [ profile] tzikeh: in the likely event of the death of Life (*curses NBC*), Damian Lewis as the next incarnation of the Master. I can hear the Doctor now, "That is so unfair; why does he gets to be ginger?!"

This is a brilliant idea if for no other reason than it would result in fic that has David Tennant and Damian Lewis snogging.


Sorry, what was I talking about?
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A nice glowing review of Life here.

Both Reese and Crews have walked on each side of the law, but Crews is the only one who doesn't quite believe he's back on the right side. Reese keeps his wavering mind in check, while Crews fills her empty soul with just the right amount of charming advice. As for the obvious "frailty beneath the tough girl exterior" archetype which seems to be mandatory for just about all female officers on TV, Reese' truly dark past actually appears to be a subplot worth exploring rather than dismissing. Her character brings a fresh angle to Life, while also putting the other more cut-and-paste females of procedural cops shows like CSI at a damaging disadvantage.
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NBC has announced it's 2008-09 lineup, and Life is scheduled for Fridays at 10:00 pm.

This is probably not a sign of NBC's faith in the show.

I adore this show and would like to see it continue for at least a couple of more years. That being said, what they've given us so far does not totally suck in terms of satisfaction, for which I am incredibly grateful. I know it was promoted as a show with an ongoing mystery, and in many ways it still is, but they've also already given us some resolution. Beyond that, the show is much more about the characters than it is about the mystery.

But if there's any chance I could convince some of you to give the show another try - and of course after you discover how wonderful it is, pimp it out yourself - PLEASE. Please please please please PLEASE. I don't want to deal with the death of another good show just yet.

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Eight Life fics at Yuletide and all of them are ficlets and not a single one of them is smutty. Yup, that's about right for Life. I particularly liked Fairy Tale of L.A. for voice and thou shalt find me steadfast as a poignant snapshot of Dani as her mother's child.
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I am immensely happy with the writers of this show. Right now mostly because they gave their viewers something that is all too often lacking in new shows of this type. I don't want to elaborate, because I still hope more people will give this show a try. I want to eventually write a couple of larger posts about the show, and maybe the thinky stuff will help suck some of you in. Right now though I just - *flail*

But I'm sorry Ted, you are so Alfred.
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I skipped the second half of tonight's chapter of Tin Man to watch Life. It was a tough call but I'm so glad I decided to watch Life because ZOMG tonight's episode was so incredibly good. The Zen and physics parts made me really happy, as I'm very peanut butter and chocolate about those two things. I got an extra squee at the end when "Gimme Shelter" came on. That is truly one of my favorite songs, and right after I first started watching Life I was thinking if I started vidding I would want to do one for Life using "Gimme Shelter".

Incidentally, Life has one of the greatest soundtracks I've seen on a TV show in a long time.

And no honey, you're not Robin - you're Alfred.

Unfortunately Life was so good I forgot all my Tin Man squee. But I'll remember it after catching up tomorrow.

Oh, I just remembered something: Please no, not Cain/Glitch. No no no no no. Stop looking at him like that!
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Life managed to add some layers upon layers last night, and the expression on his face when looking at the fence was just a shade below obvious. There is some really exquisite stuff there. It's a shame it also had to have the extraneous ho' shot. But I think I'm still irreversibly sucked in.
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Life has not done much to reassure me about its attitudes towards women, but the rest of it is still so gosh darn cute I'm going to keep giving it rope. And while I'm fairly positive that actress wasn't actually Christina Hendricks, I still took one look at that hair and went, "OMG, it's YoSafBridg!"

Some people have called Life a modern day Count of Monte Cristo, and while the parallels are certainly there, Charlie seems to have largely already learned the lessons that Edmond Dantes needed to. Though we are given cause to wonder at times.

House continues to be awesome. Apparently the whole James Wilson, Boy Wonder Oncologist, was always just a clever disguise for James Wilson, Evil Genius. Hee hee. In some ways this was the first show where I didn't just pick up on the subtext but felt hit over the head with it. Now I've gone from, "Just do him already!" to "If you're not doing him you're an idiot!" Also, I need a Survivor: M.D. icon. I love that [ profile] penguingirl84 came up with that before we saw the bit in the previews.
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So, Life. It has a lot of potential, but I have my doubts that it's going to be able to grab the audience it needs. I had my own difficulties watching it; as amiable as it all was I spent most of the show feeling a bit sick. What we as a society have allowed our prisons to become is pretty awful. We can begin to grasp how incredibly wrong that is when we talk about how horrible it is for an innocent person to be sent to prison, but do we really believe that any person who is guilty of any crime serious enough for a prison sentence deserves that kind of hell? And why can't we deal with the fact of what we are allowing to happen to these people in light of the fact that most of them will eventually re-enter society?

OK, sorry, sore subject, preachifying over with now. Yes, Damian Lewis gives a lovely and sweet performance. I'm a little bewildered by the comparisons to House. Is it because he's *gasp* unorthodox? Because he's certainly reacted in a completely different manner than Gregory House to what's happened to him. Of course it's kind of hard to say how miserable House was before the infarction.

Also, small complaint: don't expect everyone to understand what Pelican Bay is and why that means it really is like he spent most of the last twelve years in a cave.


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