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And now LJ is fine but Tumblr has crashed. Luckily the thing I want to recommend is really on LJ. Rumor Has It is a something of a fix-it fic (is it a fix-it fic if it only portrays a reasonable reality instead of making it better?) & future fic about Santana. People who love Santana should read it and everyone else should read it too just because.
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While this story has no affiliation or connection to [ profile] bringthehappy you should go read it because it is FULL of HAPPY MAKING THINGS.

excerpted from The Adventure of the Plum-Colored Glow, the Potato, and the Really Good Chocolates (Book 3 in the Madcap Adventures of Amelia Pond, age 7, Time Traveler) by [ profile] belmanoir

She never understood how the Wardrobe always had what she needed if she was the smallest Companion ever. She thought it was probably magic. (The Doctor said that the magic of today was the science of the future, but having spent as much time with the Doctor as she had, Amelia was pretty sure some things were just magic.)

Go. Read.
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You really should read the funny and all too short (and sadly Chapter 2 has not actually arrived yet) dS/SGA crossover "Searching for Benton Fraser" by [ profile] apetslife.

"Get that gun out of my face or I will kick you in the head."

As introductions go, this isn't actually the strangest that John Sheppard's ever heard, but it's close. The alarms had gone off, unauthorized entry through the gate. Shutdown the gateroom, yada yada, guns at the ready, yada. And then what had come through...

Edit: Now with an actual working link!
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For those of you who don't follow [ profile] 3daychallenge they just had another one this last weekend, with the theme being getting your characters wet. There's a somewhat amusing one with Ten and Rose (gen), The New Black.

"If you had told me it was alive -!"
"- Oh, then you
definitely would have touched it!"


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