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For those of you that didn't know, on Tuesday evening (a.k.a. tomorrow) SyFy will be showing special holiday episodes of Eureka and Warehouse 13.


With shorter seasons being the norm for cable series I'd like to see more holiday episodes from shows that are off-cycle right now. Er, yes, I was thinking in particular of White Collar; perhaps something along the lines of an homage to Miracle on 34th Street.


OK, now I really want this. With an In Plain Sight holiday episode that's a play on How the Grinch Stole Christmas and a Covert Affairs holiday episode that involves smuggling holiday decorations and gifts into hostile territory, and a Leverage holiday episode - wait, we're getting a Leverage holiday episode!

OK, your turn now.
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I happened to notice that this was going to be my 500th entry, which I realize is pretty small compared to a lot of people (especially after six and a half years), but I figured I should try and make it a little special. So, a round-up of what currently airing shows that I'm watching, not counting the shows on break with an exception or two.

Lie to Me - Oh God I am so grateful for the existence of Tim Roth. Occasionally the writing on this drops down to being a bit workmanlike, but even then it's worth watching Cal just being himself.
The Good Guys - I know this just went on break but I have to mention it. It's like this awesomely sloppy drunk version of Life on Mars with one of them being dragged forward through time kicking and screaming. I swear I want to bake Bradley Whitford a cake. Plus Colin Hanks really does not suck, and occasionally I even forget that OMG it's the spawn of Tom Hanks.
Rizzoli & Isles - Not great (and last night's episode contained massive fail I'll rant about elsewhere) but it's TWO FEMALE LEADS and they're not sharing with any male leads, and they talk to each other and sometimes it's not even about boys, though it usually is. Also, femslash ahoy!

You didn't think I wasn't going to cut any of this, did you? )
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Geez, I really haven't been around much lately - I need to get my priorities straight! This is especially true since I realized that my recent habit of staying off the computer on at least the first part of the weekend meant I forgot about [ profile] fandom_me's blog-a-thon! Woe! I hope y'all had fun and raised a lot of money.

Despite having access to it I never did get around to watching CoE until it aired on BBC America. I'm not going to talk about anything I didn't like about it just yet. I will say that Johnson (Liz May Brice) ended up being a character I could stand to see more of in one form or another.

Primeval is over and there will be no more. I'm afraid there was nothing in the last couple of episodes to elicit particularly strong feelings in me, but I did enjoy it while it was around.

I apparently am going to fall very hard for Being Human. Is this a surprise to anyone?

Warehouse 13 is cute fun, not quite as smart as Eureka but with a similar sensibility. I'm having a hard time remembering to catch the new episodes as they're on Tuesdays, a night I'd gotten used to avoiding That Channel like the plague because of the pro wrestling that Does Not Belong. Worse decision: pro wrestling or the name change? I've tried to decide but then my brain implodes from the extreme suckage involved.

Merlin continues to be so wonderfully happily slashy I can't stand it.

Also, last night's In Plain Sight? Oh Marshall, you poor baby.

How are you all doing, and what's pinging your fannish radar these days?
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I've been awfully busy lately and had less online time, but it doesn't mean I don't love you anymore.

SGA has been a battle for me at times, especially lately, but I'm still a little sad to see that it's been cancelled. At least the fic will go on, and somewhere out there Joe's hair will still be awesomely unruly.

I also did want to comment on the most recent Eureka, because I actually quite liked the way they looped the dialogue around, especially between Carter and Allison. It could have not worked, but it did, like one of those complicated poetry forms or medieval dances.
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Within the first two minutes of tonight's Eureka I was more in love with Jo than I thought was possible.


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