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Does anyone else find themselves continually frustrated by the way high-concept creator treat geek subjects?

There was more geek love last night in Castle than in Terra Nova (though there were a couple of interesting things and I'll probably keep watching TN for at least a couple of more episodes). Props to Castle for actually having the nerve to have a SECOND comic book-themed show.
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Oh Castle, I couldn't love you any more than right now. The Tupperware!

There had to be more X-Files references than the obvious mentions I picked up - anyone want to enlighten me? And I'm still happy to see the occasional Firefly reference, thank you very much.

I think Agent Westfield has a future in fandom.
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Does anyone else here watch Castle? That's willing to admit to it?

It may be formulaic and not particularly smart and aiming for a demographic I don't necessarily want to be associated with, but I just can't make myself care. Duuuudes, it's Nathan Fillion in high banter mode. How can that be wrong? It's not like watching Eastwick, which makes me feel all skeezy. It's comfort TV.

Also, I think the book is kind of cute. It's fictional fiction! With fictional characters based on other fictional characters, written by a fictional character. I wonder how many people are buying it that don't know anything about the TV show, only that it's on the bestseller lists?

Oh, last night they threw the Firefly fans a bone. It was sweet.


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