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Fox has cancelled Human Target, Lie to Me and The Chicago Code. Those were the only things I was still watching on the Fox network with any regularity!

House had already started to lose me even before they turned Cuddy into House's Kleenex and Bones has become something I have a hard time wanting watch for a while, especially since "The Doctor in the Photo".

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Duuuuuuuuuuuudes. I finally read Batwoman: Elegy and the awesomeness hurts my brain, it really does. I knew it was going to be pretty fabulous but not THAT fabulous. Though I suppose I should always expect good things from Greg Rucka. I was especially blown away by her dad: yes Virginia, supportive parents do exist. I also totally loved her exchange with Batman; guess what Bats, you're not the only one that can achieve a nice bit of misdirection with their costume design. Also the artwork was delicious. Could have used more Renee but I quite liked the Renee that was there.

In the less than fabulous column I watched Bones last week ("The Blackout in the Blizzard") and it was my first new Bones episode in a while. I'd say it was because there was other stuff I wanted to watch but the truth probably has more to do with how much "The Doctor in the Photo" upset me. Anyway I was drawn back by, "science geeks coping with a power outage" and "stuck in an elevator". I have mixed feelings about a lot of it but there was one bit that made me see red: spoiler cut for her pleasure )

But on the other hand, BATWOMAN.
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I haven't really liked having Bones and House on the same night anyway, and tonight confirms that it just wasn't a good idea. I am wrecked. I should at least want to talk about them a little bit (especially because Bones, whoah), but I just can't frame a decent sentence about them.


Bones glee

Nov. 28th, 2007 04:56 pm
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OK, the look on Booth's face when he walked into the victims's apartment last night was priceless. I want an icon of that NOW.

But everyone is making icons of a completely different scene that happens to be in the same episode. Wah!
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Despite the fact that House is looking like it might be the new Xena (which probably deserves an entry of its own), I am mightily displeased with some of the things that network TV had to say about sex this last week.

Cut for discussion of naughty bits and mild spoilers for Bones 3.03 )


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