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Despite the fact that we have little in common I find myself identifying with Finn lately and it breaks my heart to see him making the same kinds of mistakes I made.

In a show that is largely about ambition Finn is the character without any. Finn doesn't have dreams the way the other kids do, he doesn't have goals and he doesn't have plans. There was the football scholarship that he didn't get, but I think that was more of an Expectation than a Dream. He expected to get a football scholarship to college and then ... and then he would Do Stuff. There was no particular end for that means and once the means was taken away there wasn't anything else in its place.

I think that with nothing else to reach for Finn just wants to get on with the business of being a grown-up, and he's been reaching for what that means. Here's an unpopular opinion for you: for all the erroneous thinking that went into his decision making, I think the military would actually be a pretty good place for Finn to end up. But that idea is now so broken and tainted I don't think he'll go back to it. So what Finn has left is this: he has someone he loves who loves him. He thinks that this is something he can do right, this is something he can be good at, and being married will be a significant step towards being a grown-up. I pray that he can be talked out of this or that Rachel will ultimately say no to him.

Incidentally, I have no idea why Finn doesn't have any dreams. For my own part I figured it had something to do with dealing with chronic depression since my age was in the single digits. I wonder if for Finn if it has something to do with growing up as the man of the house with such an idolized absent father, especially if his mother really didn't have any relationships that Finn was aware of until Burt Hummel. I don't really know why, I just know that there's something missing for him.


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