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November Waxwings

I watch the waxwings
In front of the library
They take off into the air
In their murmuration
Inviolable and entire in the way they move
Sometimes to chase off a larger bird
Even one that was minding its own business
Sometimes for reasons I know nothing about
But then sometimes
They rise higher
Further and further
Their formation
Coming      apart
                                     so far
so small




But eventually
They come back down
They come together again
Looking like something knitting itself together again
Looking like something healing

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So I'm rereading a Hulk story called "The Last Titan" (which actually began its life as a prose story, but in this case I'm reading the graphic adaptation) and it's been almost the end of the world for a while now, with no one left alive but Hulk and Banner. Banner figures he's about two hundred years old, and he's tired and lonely and he wants to die, but Hulk refuses to die. Hulk's rationale for this is that if he dies, all those people who tried to destroy him, be they supervillains or General Ross or Banner himself, "wins".

I have some issues with forgiveness and letting go. So yeah, that was interesting.
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Damn. I'd weaned myself off Glee early this season, but once this show really had me, and for a while it was because of Cory Monteith. I totally identified with being on the verge of your adult life beginning, and not having any real dreams, not having any real hope.

Too damn young.


Jul. 3rd, 2013 09:52 am
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Congratulations on your (California) nuptials Mr. Barrowman!
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Is anyone else besides me ridiculously excited about the Phineas & Ferb/Marvel crossover that the Disney channel is going to be doing?
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Hey HuffPo, I'm not exactly new to your aggressive comment moderation policies, but disallowing any comment that expresses a negative opinion about an opinion piece or its author does not actually violate your terms of service and is NOT OKAY.

As if I didn't have enough reasons to dislike Alec Baldwin, apparently one may only comment on his posts with praise and adoration.
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Thank you for the monsters Mr. Harryhausen. Rest in peace, you've certainly earned it.
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Dear Hollywood,

I vaguely knew there was another Carrie remake going on, but it wasn't until I saw the trailer yesterday that I understood what is genuinely horrific about this version. Apparently this will be an almost carbon copy of Brian de Palma's version, but with a really cute actress in the lead. Cue my mounting rage.

No love or regards, in fact feel free to go fuck yourselves,
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A happy Christmas to those of you celebrating it, and a nice peaceful day to the rest of you. Be safe, OK?
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So AP, will you be striking "xenophobia" from your style guide as well?


Sep. 29th, 2012 06:17 pm
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My cable went out during the last 10 minutes of Doctor Who. Yes, THAT just happened, then a commercial break. My rage cannot be properly calculated.

This is what I get for watching it legally.
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Have you tried this Age Analyzer thing yet?

It thinks my Tumblr account is written by someone 65-100 years old.

It thinks my LJ/DW account is written by someone 13-17 years old.

I seriously thought it would come out the other way around.

(I'll be 42 this summer.)
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So DC has taken the Amazons, the embodiment of feminism in the DC universe for 70 years, and turned them into a group of women who kill men after having sex with them and enslave their own male children.

I am completely flummoxed that there are people who AREN'T horrified and disgusted by this.
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OMG, my heart damn near exploded when I realized that Amy Acker was on Once Upon a Time. AMY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

However ...

This show is so cheesy and fluffy, but a big reason I love watching it is the way it constantly subverts tropes. So seeing two episodes in a row with the cute young girl falling for the unattractive older man makes me kind of sad. And a little bitchy. But mostly kind of disappointed.
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I had the disconcerting experience of watching a woman on the news say, “I don’t want those people in my neighborhood” and realizing that I was one of those people she was talking about.

The subject was housing for the mentally ill who had become homeless. I have thankfully never been homeless, but my chronic depression has meant that at times, even with treatment, it is difficult to care for myself. The luck of circumstance and the willingness and ability of my family to help at times may be the only things that have allowed me to say there but for the grace of God go I. One day I may run out of luck.

I realize that the invisibility of my condition means I don’t have to face anywhere near the hurdles so many other people do. I realize that I am privileged in many ways. But as I said, it was disconcerting.

(Also, I lived in that woman’s neighborhood for about ten years. I was a perfectly decent neighbor.)
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I had a dream last night that Giles ran RPG's and wrote fanfic. No, sadly I don't remember what his fandom was.
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I know I've dropped out of sight again the past couple of weeks and I'm really sorry about that. But I had to post this, which may be the most awesome thing I've seen on Tumblr ever:

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Despite the fact that we have little in common I find myself identifying with Finn lately and it breaks my heart to see him making the same kinds of mistakes I made.

In a show that is largely about ambition Finn is the character without any. Finn doesn't have dreams the way the other kids do, he doesn't have goals and he doesn't have plans. There was the football scholarship that he didn't get, but I think that was more of an Expectation than a Dream. He expected to get a football scholarship to college and then ... and then he would Do Stuff. There was no particular end for that means and once the means was taken away there wasn't anything else in its place.

Spoilers for 'Yes/No' )

Incidentally, I have no idea why Finn doesn't have any dreams. For my own part I figured it had something to do with dealing with chronic depression since my age was in the single digits. I wonder if for Finn if it has something to do with growing up as the man of the house with such an idolized absent father, especially if his mother really didn't have any relationships that Finn was aware of until Burt Hummel. I don't really know why, I just know that there's something missing for him.


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